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Vision, Mission and Objectives Statements

A vision statement is an organization's vision of a perfect world or their ultimate goal. A mission statement is a brief general statement of who an organization is and what it does. The mission and vision statements are an important part of an organization's public image.

WOHMA Vision Statement

WOHMA Vision Statement Wisconsin Off-Highway Motorcyclists is a statewide organization which addresses issues and opportunities facing the Off-Highway Motorcycle community to create sustainable, effective, and efficient cooperation between all concerned stakeholders. This organization will further the availability of OHM trails, riding areas and opportunities.

WOHMA Mission Statement

WOHMA is an organization of Off-Highway Motorcycle volunteers and enthusiasts; made up of individuals, clubs, businesses, and organizations that work to gain and sustain fair and reasonable access to public and private land. We will partner with OHV organizations and other entities to provide a positive image of motorized recreation to the public and affected government and community agencies. We will partner with other organizations to promote and educate the public regarding the safe and responsible use of OHMs for all individuals and family recreation.