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Sound level Meter Suppliers

Type 1 is highest quality and more expensive. Type 2 is less expensive and is what most clubs and enforcement officials use. Extech model 407736 is the brand the AMA supplies to clubs under grants. Property line sound surveys require Leq measurement capability and is only available in the more expensive meters.

Engine tachometers for noise testing (Part #19200)

Wisconsin OHV Statutes and Administrative Code ATV and OHM (current)

ATV administrative code NR64 (.pdf)

OHM administrative code NR65 (.pdf)

Wisconsin ATV Laws (.pdf)

ATV Statute 23.33 (.pdf)

Wisconsin DNR Resources

So you want to build an ATV trail (.pdf)

Wisconsinís Forestry Best Management Practices For Water Management (.pdf)

Wi DNR Grant Forms and Publications

National Trails Training Partnership Resources and Library

Acoustic Consulting Services

OHV Acoustics

RGP Acoustics (.pdf)